I'm a curious, enthusiastic, and self-motivated web full-stack developer.

Born and raised in Taiwan, ever since I was a child I've been obsessed with building website on the Internet, and the enthusiasm drives me to focus on learning programming skills.

Currently I am majoring in Information Application at National Taichung University of Science and Technology. Since I started the five-year program when I was 15, and got to know more about information literacy, code structure and development process etc., I have two-year experience on web development and I processed experience as an intern in three companies.

In the future, my hope is using the solid programming skills to create a product that become an indispensable thing in everyone's daily life.


Web Front-End

Web Back-End





  • 2019/07 - 2019/08

    Intern @ Verizon Media

      As a Front-End Engineer intern, I was responsible for participating ‘Yahoo Youcard’ project growth.

    • Built a Progressive Web Application (PWA), implemented cache strategy and enabled offline reading, that contributed to 35% faster in speed of page loading. 
    • Improved SEO by adding the structured data, resulted in double website traffic. 
    • Optimized performance by lazy load, reducing bundle sizes and generating animations using pure CSS. 
  • 2018/01 - 2018/07

    Intern @ Advantech
    • Responsible for developing and maintaining Marketplace project with ASP.NET MVC 5.
    • Successfully implemented coded UI test with 50 test cases using Selenium and completed CI process in a week. The result was reducing 10% of human resource capital expenditure. 
    • Hosted a transnational conference to shared the experience on coded UI test with IT colleagues and QA colleagues working in Kunshan, China. 
    • Partnered with a manager, PM, UI/UX designers and software engineers to develop Marketplace and other website projects. 
    Medium Article :
    What I Learned From Advantech IOT Internship
  • 2017/07 - 2018/01

    Intern @ Trunk Studio
    • Participation of ‘VIPT JOB’ official website(job bank platform for migrant workers and enterprise) development with Vue.js and EJS, also helped to implement i18n. 
    • Participation of ‘Kbro HealthCare’ mobile app development with React Native.
    • Familiar with Git, JavaScript, React, EJS. 
    • Familiar with working in Scrum.
  • 2017/01 - 2017/03

    Intern @ Taiwan Cloud
    • Participation of online ERP system project development with HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC 5.
    • Familiar with ASP.NET MVC 5 and jQuery.


  • Student Elite Award, National Taichung University of Science and Technology, 2018
  • First Prize, Undergraduate Project Exhibition of NUTC College of Information and Distribution Science, 2017
  • Third Prize, International ICT Innovative Services Awards: Titansoft Pte Ltd Agile development category, 2017
  • Honorable Mention, International ICT Innovative Services Awards: Campus 4G mobile application category, 2017
  • Honorable Mention, Web&App Creative competition in National Taipei University of Education, 2017
  • Honorable Mention, Feng Chia Shopping Area Entrepreneurial Competition, 2017
  • First Prize, International ICT Innovative Services Awards: Economic Goegraphy Database category, 2016

Quick Facts

I am a regular visitor to Medium, iThome, and often participate in technical conference to gain my information literacy.
I love lyric songs and poems / romantic dramas / travel / cats.